The 6 Worst PS3 Exclusives

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The PlayStation 3 has some fantastic games. In fact, it surpassed all else to become my most played platform in 2011. The back catalogue is quality and, of the current generation, it has the most promising future.

However, it isn’t without horrendous stuff ups. There have been some absolutely shocking excuses for games released as exclusives on PlayStation 3, and the launch of Move hasn’t improved the ratio.

Let’s take a look at the six worst exclusives released on PlayStation 3.

The Fight: Lights Out

PlayStation Move didn’t have a fantastic launch, with most games fighting to avoid taking out “the worst” award, rather than competing against the best. Lights Out lost this round as a terrible attempt to sell Move to the “hardcore” market.

Like most other games on this list, the pre-release material actually looked promising. In the end, nobody could argue that this glitch-infested excuse for a boxing game deserved anything better than a punch to the disc.

Last Rebellion

With so many quality JRPGs discovering a new audience in the West of late, it’s a hard market to break into. The Last Rebellion never stood a chance. Everything about it says generic, broken Japanese RPG. It did everything you would expect from a JRPG, and less, only much worse than an average game in the genre.

The story was almost unbearable and the character design was hardly anything to write home about. Any other RPG on the PS3 is a much better alternative.


Haze is one of the biggest let downs of all time. It was overhyped as the PlayStation’s answer to Halo, after it was cancelled on Xbox 360, and promised so much. In the end it came crashing down to earth in this monstrosity that never deserved to see the light of day.

The biggest disappointment was that it came from Free Radical. The team that brought us TimeSplitters, which has since nosedived downhill, inclusive of some staff who worked on the legendary Goldeneye 64. It should have been so much more, but now we sit here lamenting it as one of the worst games this generation.


Lair is Haze’s predecessor as the game that should have been so much more, but resulted as the benchmark in awfulness. The controls were rubbish, the gameplay was terrible and it looked like the before photo, with a brief tease of the after.

Sony tried to tell us that we just didn’t understand and needed to look at it under a different light, but by now, even with their misguided PR efforts, they must know that it is an absolute shocker.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Target in Sight

Get the Adobe Flash Player to see this video.

Gundam has never been a fantastic series, but Target in Sight, know as Crossfire in the US, is an all time low. After the fleeting moment where giant robots are cool, TIS has nothing to offer. In fact, all it can do is induce extreme rage.

The biggest problem with TIS, of which there are many, is that it is literally all broken. Nothing worked as it was supposed to, or if it did, it certainly wasn’t made by anyone with a brain for game development.

For some reason Famitsu gave it a 32/40. Maybe they were just having an off day, or perhaps nobody gave us the real version.

Kung Fu Rider

What was the plan? Flailing around as you pretend to be riding an office chair is the epitome of a terrible idea. Someone walked into his boss’s office and said, “sir, I have a great idea for a Move game.” Clearly this man would just approve anything because it got made. He should have said, ”Simpson, you imbecile, it’s awful!”.

The gameplay was boring and the story wasn’t even remotely explained, but worse than that was the control. It didn’t feel like it was developed as a Move game. Kung Fu Rider was based around your ability to control the ruddy office chair, but even this core mechanic came down to sheer luck.

By Ben Salter

What is the worst PlayStation 3 game you’ve played?

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The 6 Worst PS3 Exclusives Comments

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Kung Fu rider looks awesome.

Beta said: Kung Fu rider looks awesome.

Keyword here being looks :P

Beta said: Kung Fu rider looks awesome.

It's unplayable [Rage]
that last guy reminds me of travis

renagadez said: that last guy reminds me of travis

If he retired to become a boring white-collar worker
Mobile Suit Gundam: Target in Sight = Awesome game, imo.

Lair = When the analogue stick control update came out I loved the game

Pilkingbod said:

renagadez said: that last guy reminds me of travis

If he retired to become a boring white-collar worker

yeah but i gotta say ive never seen an office chair like that
i was so hoping that Last Rebellion was a good game
I remember Lair.
All my hype went into poor Haze and it just didnt work :*O
Kung Fu Rider would be fun with friends!
Fun fact: Lair was the game my friend showed me when I was still trying to choose which console I wanted.

What could have been haha.
I was looking at both Lair and Gundam when I was looking at the PS3/360... they looked amazing (for the time), and while I didn't play Lair, I found Gundam to be pretty darn fun. The graphics weren't exactly groundbreaking, but it was, like I said before, fun.

Never heard of Haze, but the rest of the games I have and they're all awful. [heartbreak]
Yeah, that Gundam game was just horrible. I got it after playing the Gundam Battle Chronicles PSP games, which were just frigging utterly awesome, and the PS3 game had a very similar structure. But the Mechs were just like your feel had concrete blocks on them and you were armed with a pea shooter. It would be like going from Formula 1 car to a kids pedal car.
Hmmm, they all look like terrible games so it doesn't surprise me.... [WTF]
Cannot agree with the comment of many quality jrpg's being released lately.

Final Fantasy Xiii-2 is the only one that interests me.

Persona 4 was the last real Quality JRPG which was released a few years ago. & is was on a last gen console.
Haze looked like it was programmed for the Wii.
Why stop at 6? All ps3 exclusives are crap compared to xbox exclusives
The 6 Worst PS3 Exclusives
Kung Fu Rider seems like a bet gone wrong.

Boss: What are you doing racing that chair down the office hall?
Employee: I think you just answered that sir.
Boss: Well stop it.
Employee: I'll make you a deal... you and I race and if you win I stop. If I win, we get to do it whenever we want and we have to make a game about it.
Boss: You're on!!!!

You can work out the rest! [Facepalm]
Lair was OK after it was patched. The ability to turn motion controls off made a huge difference. Bought it for under $10 so can't really complain.

I avoided Haze like the plague. Even at $5 during a Big W sale, I decided to not give it a go.
Haze was great
i love the fact that just before opening this page, i said to myself "if haze isnt on this list somewhere, i will fellate myself in public"

its nice to be right sometimes :)
i wanna play Kung-Fu Rider now

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