DmC: Definitive Edition SSS ranking guide

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DmC: Definitive Edition sees the rebirth -- yet again -- of Ninja Theory's contentious Devil May Cry reboot. Now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, and with added DLC, gamers can experience a young Dante's demonic tussles for a second time.

We posted this SSS ranking guide when the game was first released, but we've bumped it now for those of you hoping to perfect your hacking-and-slashing skills.

DmC: Devil May Cry is about more than just bringing an end to the brainwashing evil plaguing the world. It’s also about the coveted SSS ranking, and your ability to do everything and anything as stylishly and as cool as possible. Dante’s got the swag, but do you have the style to blast your way to the top of the leaderboards?

No? Well then here’s a quick guide to help you achieve the illustrious SSS style ranking.

Vary it up

Fans of wrestling games will know this better than anyone: use the same attack on an enemy over and over again, and you’ll just ending up hitting their block every time. DmC: Devil May Cry is no different. Enemies will counter your attacks, put up their block and shields, and stop you from using the same powerful attacks over and over again. You absolutely must mix up your attacks.

The easiest way to do this is to stick to a single weapon, master it, upgrade it to high hell and hope for the best. Use three different skill techniques, get your enemy into the air and slash away.

Alternatively, the most effective way to achieve an SSS ranking, try and change weapons after every skill set. For example, you could use the Rebellion for a quick 1-2-3-4 punch on a hoard of enemies, then quickly switch to the Arbiter while keeping the combo going. It requires quick hands and you won’t get it right the first time, but changing weapons after every few hits will help you optimise your style ranking.

Don’t use the same moves

Do change weapons

Use the grapples

The Angel and Demon pulls are very effective, so use them. They help keep your combos going when you’re at a distance from an enemy (as do your shooting weapons), and help keep you in the air, which is where you should be aiming to increase your combo. The demon pull is great on the ground, as it drags enemies toward you, while using it in the air can keep your airborne for a little long. The Angel pull is fantastic in environments with platforms and flying enemies, so once you break an enemy's shield you can pull Dante towards them to get the combo going.

Don’t run back over to enemies

Do use the grapples to pull enemies towards Dante, or Dante towards enemies

Stay airborne!

Get in the air. It’s one of the most important skills any seasoned DmC player must have. One way to stay in the air is to quickly pull up multiple enemies using the demon grapple, and then moving from enemy to enemy while in the air using the angel grapple. It’s hard initially, but a smooth act once you get the hang of it (and thanks to the game’s smooth design). The “Osiris” weapon, which is one of the Rebellion’s alternate forms, can be used with a special skill to rake enemies up towards you while keeping Dante airborne. Keeping an active combo while airborne will enhance your ranking significantly.

Don’t stay grounded for an entire battle

Do move between enemies while airborne for ultimate S-S-S-atisfying combat

Know your enemies

There’s a stack of gnarly enemies in DmC, with new ones introduced in almost every mission. Knowing how to approach and tackle them is very important, otherwise you’ll end up throwing attacks at them that cause no damage, ending you combo and hurting your ranking. The Pathos, for example, will dodge all of your initial attacks. You must shoot off their wings and attack before they grow back. Attacking them without first disabling their flying abilities will just hurt your combo and ranking.

Don’t go in blind when attacking large enemies

Do study enemies and take note of their strengths and weaknesses

Don’t stop the damage

This one is very important: the number one goal in gaining an SSS ranking is style, and style means damage. If you’re able to keep your combo going, it means enemies aren’t blocking or countering your attacks, and you must keep the damage flowing. If your combo is broken, don’t sit back and reflect on what went wrong: start a new one up immediately. Dante needs to constantly be moving from enemy to enemy, mixing up weapons, inflicting maximum damage where possible, and never simply standing or running around while enemies are present.

Don’t ever stop attacking

Do use everything at Dante’s disposal, all the time

Have any tips for DmC tragics? Post them below!

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illastrous, is that a combination between disastrous and illustrious? :P

Makra said: illastrous, is that a combination between disastrous and illustrious?


*illustrious *slams fist on table*
You don't know where it is do ya? Muahaha

Makra said: You don't know where it is do ya? Muahaha

I figured it out :P

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