The ideal launch games for the Playstation 4

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It's hard not to be at least intrigued with Sony's upcoming announcement on February 20 that is almost certainly the unveiling of the Playstation 4. The current generation of gaming has lasted abnormally longer than generations past, and gamers are very eager to experience the next stage from the remaining two companies. Sony seem to be finally leading us there.

Way back in 2006-2007, the Playstation 3 didn't have the greatest launch titles. It's clear standout, Resistance: Fall of Man, was an above average shooter which only really took off with its sequels. The lack of other killer titles and a ridiculous launch price of around $1000 AUD is what drove me away from the PS3 initially, so I'd like to see Sony step it up, use their great exclusive franchises and get us the good stuff on day one.

Here is my ideal launch line-up for the PS4 -- a mixture of exclusives and long-awaited third-party titles -- which I acknowledge probably won't happen, but who knows? They've surprised us before.

Killzone 4

Sony's developer Guerilla Games has been in the spotlight lately, with news of Killzone: Mercenary in development for PS Vita and a report on Killzone 4 allegedly arriving in time for the Playstation 4's launch running rampant online. The developer is known to have been working on several projects for some time.

New Killzone titles have been typically announced alongside Sony's hardware reveals, with Mercenaries originally alluded to during the Vita's launch. With two years passed since Killzone 3, it isn't a stretch to hope for one of the best-looking console shooters around to debut at the PS4's launch.

Beyond: Two Souls

Beyond: Two Souls is the next game from Heavy Rain development studio Quantic Dream, a developer known for their cinematic take on gaming. Beyond: Two Souls chronicles the life of a young woman named Jodie Holmes, played by actress Ellen Page, and will be heavily narrative-based; "for the first time we will step away from the character to really learn about them. We will live a life through happy times, sad times, and shape the character until the very end."

If it's anything like Heavy Rain, it will be an experience to remember, and I wouldn't mind to wait a bit longer if David Cage and his team developed and surprised us with a PS4 launch release for this intriguing title.

The Last Guardian

One of two supposed exclusives for the Playstation 3 that continues to allude release and frustrate fans, it would be a perfect way to make it up to the Playstation fan-base by surprising us all with The Last Guardian becoming a launch title for the PS4.

Of course, we don't live in such an ideal fairy-tale world as The Last Guardian has crafted, but one can hope... right? Interestingly, news of the game conveniently sprang up today, with former head director Fumito Ueda stating a release announcement is "solely decided by Sony" in response to the staggering amount of emails he's been getting. Maybe they've been holding a reveal off?

Beyond Good & Evil 2

Beyond Good & Evil is one of the best adventure-platforming games ever, yet the existence of a sequel never surfaced until 2008. Since then, Ubisoft and creator Michel Ancel have been extremely quiet about the title, with only scattered bits of information and leaked gameplay videos with great art direction and graphics keeping fans sane.

If the wait was for a surprise reveal on the next PS4 (or Xbox, whatever, I'll take it) then I'll forgive Ancel for unjustly delaying the fate of Hillys for almost a decade.

Watch Dogs

We all saw the trailer at E3 2012, and we all know Watch Dogs stole the show with its intriguing premise of cyber warfare, hacking and gorgeous graphics that couldn't possibly be run off current console specs.

Ubisoft have two clear thirty-party hits -- outside Rayman and Splinter Cell, of course -- in the pipe-line they can potentially run with in the new generation, and if I can't have Beyond Good & Evil, then Watch Dogs is almost certainly the next best thing.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII

Announced way back in May 2006, Square Enix has been irritating and disappointing fans for nearly eight years with the lack of information on the independent title set in the Fabula Nova Crystallis mythology, but completely unrelated to the unpopular FF-XIII trilogy (whew).

I'm just going to say what everyone's already hoping and thinking: it's never going to make it to the PS3, so the wait better damn well have been to be a launch title for the PS4.

LittleBigPlanet 3

I was a late-comer to the LBP franchise, but I inevitably became hooked on Sackboy's adventures all the same. I now understand why Sony use Sackboy to represent them in the same prominence as Nintendo uses Mario; a family friendly, extremely deep and enjoyable platformer, LPB is easily one of my favourite exclusive franchises to debut this generation.

It would be immensely awesome to begin the new generation with more crazy customisation and creation with Sackboy and Sackgirl, and will give me another reason to buy a PS4 and convince my girlfriend to do so -- she's the one who got me hooked on the series.

New "killer" IP

Sony is a company I respect, adore and always go to when it comes to quality exclusives. It's a no-brainer to expect a new series up the company's sleeve for the PS4 launch. With plenty of first-party studios entirely devoted to Playstation development, and a whole lot of those companies very conveniently quiet lately, it's not a stretch to hope for the next big franchise starter to kick the next-generation off. I just hope it's not another average shooter like Resistance.

What are your ideal launch titles for the Playstation 4? Share your list and thoughts in the comments below.

By Nathan Misa

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The ideal launch games for the Playstation 4 Comments

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Uncharted 4. It makes way too much sense not too. PS4 + Uncharted 4 = billions sold ;)
The Last Guardian's a lock for PS4, and they wont port Beyond. Two different architechures between the two systems, and more time put into development because of it (if they do)

Cage has already started development on his next title, so they'll probably wanna be finished with Beyond soon and start fully working on it.

OllyEbbz said: WipeOut

Studio Liverpool got closed last year, so it'd have to be Evolution.

Tsunamo said:

OllyEbbz said: WipeOut

Studio Liverpool got closed last year, so it'd have to be Evolution.

I know but one can dream ^_^

OllyEbbz said: WipeOut

Yes! New console needs a new wipeout. I could swear I read something about the vita game being the last one though.

** Says Sony Liverpool were working on a next gen wipeout until the studio was closed.
Yeah Sony are jerks... Ain't gonna feel like a Sony launch with no Wipeout. Is there even gonna be a Ridge Racer after that stupid reboot?
Ground Zeroes
Heavenly Sword 2, Killzone 4, and Uncharted 4 all of these would be awesome
Resistance 4 :P
Gran Turismo 6

OllyEbbz said: Yeah Sony are jerks... Ain't gonna feel like a Sony launch with no Wipeout. Is there even gonna be a Ridge Racer after that stupid reboot?

RR Type 4 was the last good ridge racer game The ideal launch games for the Playstation 4
All awesome games i think it will launch with either killzone 4 in a bundle or the last guardian.

Another uncharted with even sexier graphics would make sense.

In terms of third party titles something from rockstar would also be rad. perhaps RDR2??

also whenever i see watch dogs i automatically think its a sequel to sleeping dogs.. i cant be the only one
A properly done Gran Turismo would be great, proper simulation
Definitely Watch Dogs, I'm craving more footage of that game! [Derp]

stublu said:

OllyEbbz said: Yeah Sony are jerks... Ain't gonna feel like a Sony launch with no Wipeout. Is there even gonna be a Ridge Racer after that stupid reboot?

RR Type 4 was the last good ridge racer game

On console? Yeah. But Ridge racer on PSP was teh Awesome!
Stone Cold has my picks:

- GT6
- Motorstorm
- Uncharted 4
- Resistance/Killzone
- Beyond
We won't get all of these.

IMO it'll be closer to this:
Ridge Racer
First-party platformer
First-party new IP, probably a shooter, or, Resistance 4
Tom Clancy game
EA Sports game

Maybe add a Ubisoft game in their for some reason the make lots of launch titles.
great list of titles there Nathan!

it'll be good to see Sony take advantage of their exclusive IP's like they did with the PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale and include a 'free' game to utilise the key features of the new console. Nintendo does this very well.

I want a burnout game and how about that metal gear solid game but I guess that's always looking to be released on PS3/Xbox360? Fair enough on the MGS title since there's an already established user-base

and we can't forget Fifa 14 with last years features with world cup coming shortly after depending when the console comes out ;)
dark souls, fifa, GTA, Evil Sonic.

Or dig up some old megadrive classics like shining force and give them a make over.

or steal some PC titles like planescape torment, baldurs gate ect. and give moer make over.
Would be much more tempted to buy the PS4 if they released a Jak 4. Currently there's no interest and nothing people have mentioned in this list(that is actually a PS exclusive) sounds interesting.
I'm going to be different from everybody else a say..........A new next gen "Crash Bandicoot" !!
Kingdom Hearts 3 maybe?
A decent RPG would be nice as well.

Sandallman said:Kingdom Hearts 3 maybe?

0% chance of that happening unfortunately.
If FFversus13 ends up on the ps4 Ima be pissed
with OP's list, i wouldn't bother with ps4 for quite a while
I'm not gonna hold my breath, but a Final Fantasy VII remake would make the "PlayStation 4" and overnight success... I mean, the PSN (PlayStation Network) re-release sold over 100,000 copies in the first week of availability, so clearly the demand is there.

Regarding "Kingdom Hearts III", Square Enix have made no secret of the fact that the third and final (main series) Kingdom Hearts game is coming... Furthermore, they've (Square Enix) repeatedly hinted at and in some cases, stopped just short of confirming the main series will remain on the PlayStation home consoles.

Will we see a third "Kingdom Hearts" game on the "PlayStation 4"?

Absolutely, and if Square Enix make it a launch game, again, the "PlayStation 4" will be an overnight success...

Realistically however, I think you might see an anouncement at best - especially since there has been nothing more than a verbal confirmation the game is coming in the press - and Square Enix are more likely to re-release the original two (main series) games on the "PlayStation 4" first.

Sadly, I think that there is more chance of seeing the next "Kingdom Hearts" (main series) game than a Final Fantasy VII remake - Square Enix have repeatedly stated that they're afraid to touch their biggest-selling game, a renowned classic within the entire industry, in case they f#€k it...

Furthermore, Kingdom Hearts as a series has been just as popular as Final Fantasy VII Compilation, but tends to reach a broader spectrum of gamers, thus a new main series "Kingdom Hearts" game should in theory, sell much better than a Final Fantasy VII remake (the same applies to a new spin-off of either series).

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