Connecting PS3 to internet Via Wirless USB Modem SOLVED!

I had a little trouble at first but finally found out how to get my PS3 on the internet with Optus Wireless Broadband (Huawei E220 modem)

what to do:

In your network connections folder right click your wireless broadband connection (it will be listed under dial up) then click on properties then go to the advanced tab then tick all of the boxes under 'internet connection sharing' then click settings and tick Web server (HTTP) DNS and FTP Server, click ok. Then connect your ps3 to your pc using wireless or an ethernet cable(ethernet can be direct connection: (PC > PS3) doesnt need router).Then on your pc go to start> control panel> network connections and right click local area connection(or which ever local area connection is connected/trying to connect) then click properties then click on Internet protocol(TCP/IP) (leave the check box ticked) then click properties and change 'Obtain an IP address automatically' to 'Use the following IP Addresses" and set it up like this:

Ip Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway: (do not input any digits because your computer is the gateway)

Preffered DNS Server:
Alternate DNS Server:

Click ok and then input the Data on your PS3 manually...

- On your PS3: The default gateway is and the IP address is

Good Luck

dyl_123 said: Hey Guys ive tried everything ,i didnt hav any difficulti getting it connected all i did was allow my connection to be shared and it work but when i go connection test it says everything succeeds except for that my router may not support ip fragments?? btw i'm using three usb modem e1803.But my problem is when i go to play online i must update first and when it downloads to 100% it always stops at 14% installation and says error code 80029564..please help!!!

download from the internet, put it on USB and update from a USB. problem solved..of sorts
thanx grim for the tip. it works for me. but now i cant sign in to the psn. it just says that an error occured and i ve signed out of psn.

hope that anyone can help.
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okay guys, I spent 6 hours yesterday trying to figure my own way around's the problem. If you have a Sprint Sierra Wireless Compass 597 usb broadband card, IT AIN'T GONNA WORK!!! SOrry, I know, it friggin' sucks! But it's just the way sprint went about designing this one. I spent enough time on the phone with tech support to get a weird vibe though...I could defenitely tell by the way he was talking that it's "theoretically" possible; but I'm no hacker :-/....I know (of course) that a wi-fi router would be best, but I don't get that kind of signal where I live. I just wanted to save the time and frustration for all of ya'll out there with a Sprint Sierra 597. However, on the other hand, if I could be so lucky, if somebody out there reading this can prove me wrong that this is not possible, please please PLEAse DO!!!

..oh, and yeah, i get the same message as everyone else seems to be getting... "...this is a dns error (80710102)

ugh! I am SO frusturated with this!
Hey GrimReaper i have a sierra wireless 875u and im getting DNS error 80710102 i tried ur steps and does not work HELP

Zacat said:I know (of course) that a wi-fi router would be best, but I don't get that kind of signal where I live.

i dont quite understand this. you do know that a wireless router doesnt mean you receive the internet wirelessly as well, right?

also, this

2wire wireless router. works 100% of the time, NEVER EVER EVER drops out, connected to my ps3 wirelessly down the hall and behind closed doors half the time. all you guys trying to get stuff going with wireless cards and crap are just wasting your time.

chucky110 said:

cruzinlion said:

chucky110 said: The easiest thing to do is buy one of the 3g routers, that way you won't have to do any of that crap

From where?

JB HIFI, **** Smith. They are $198 and they make it so your USB modem works like an actual wireless modem/router, thay are black and made by netgear. The box is white with a picture of the modem and a usb dongle in the background. I haven't got one yet but i am soon
this is it here

this is the ticket
hey i followed grims instructions and it worked perfectly for ages. just recently tho i've been tryin to get it to work again and have been unable to. i still have an internet connection and can sign into psn and everythin but when it comes to playin games it won't connect. before this started i used to have to always re-check the boxes under the networking tab before connecting to the internet to get it to work but now the boxes keep uncheckin themselves as soon as i connect to the internet. help would be appreciated

optimusgoz said: am i like, the only one who had their ps3 connected wirelessly to the net within 2 minutes of setting it up the first time? i feel sorry for you guys.

You see when we are at our friends house using our OWN internet. Oh you'll all see
i have a usb modem too....just but a usb modem wireless router, is around $100
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I have been getting the message saying
"An error occured during communication with the server. This is a DNS error (80710102)"
I have sent an email to asking what I should do I will post the reply I get when I get it
i did this for my friend yesterday but it was too slow to play online
ok well i have a next g wireless and my laptop has a built in modem i have tried all of your directions and still nothing happens that includes your way grim, in the connection test it fails obtain IP address i have tried everything i even have a ethernet cable hooked up and try it wireless or wired connection still nothing i tried plugging my wireless usb stick into the port on the front of the ps3 and still nothing so it has me absolutely buggered, i use to play online when we had adsl but the missus decides to go and get this next g **** and no more online gaming for me ive been trying for months to connect it i rang playstation and they tell me that the next g is not compatiable with ps3 can anyone tell me if this is true or not so i can just give up, i told my missus i was going to go get a modem router so i can play online but she reckons i will have to sign in on a contract/plan for a seperate internet line HELP PLEASE CHEERS GUYS
James, by the way of you mentioning that you are using a USB modem plugged into the front of the PS3, are you saying that you have 'pre-paid' internet access? i.e. you could jump in your car and use your laptop to access the net on your laptop as long as you are in range of a wireless hotspot? Still a bit confused about you're trying to do?
......Sorry, just read the end of you're text and yes you have to get an internet connection through your phone line and a wireless modem/router for better access to the net. So sorry to say but the missus is right. Not sure if the guys on here have connected a pre-paid USB modem (Optus, etc.) to the net through the PS like you're trying to do?
lol this thread still goin. ok guys i used to run this setup well, install usb software for the net stick connect ps3 via lan OR wifi share your internet connection with your ps3 connection. set the ip of your computer to something like then on your ps3 put the settings to auto save the setting restart your pc load the internet then start your ps3 and now you will be connected. if you cant understand what i just wrote lol tuff as thats what needs to be done and many have gone through it with guides etc. my recomendation is get a real internet connection as i did as using a net usb thing is hopeless and you always lag.
ive done all of the settings up to the part where you must tick DNS i ticked the other 2 boxes although the DNS box isnt even there to tick. any ideas????

jamix02 said: ive done all of the settings up to the part where you must tick DNS i ticked the other 2 boxes although the DNS box isnt even there to tick. any ideas????

Get real router
i want to know why the dns check box isnt there or if i can find it somewhere else and check it
Hi boyz, I just snapped up a data card for my net....but connecting to my PS3 was an epic fail. Till I found this post, followed the steps and WHALA, it works.

I run on Windows 7, Alltel Wireless 3GB USB Data Card, HP Laptop. So if I can get it to work, you all shall.

I do have one question Mr.Grim Reaper, I had to shut down my firewall to get it to work, what setting do I need to change so I don't have to keep shutting it off every time I wanna play my PS3? FYI, I use McAfee Total Protection.

Thankz again.
thx this worked bro thx alot lol but iots kinda slow :)

MRollins said: thx this worked bro thx alot lol but iots kinda slow

Depends on your internet connection. ;)
I've been connected wireless the hole time, if it doesn't sign me in then I go to internet connection test and see if I have internet, if I do but don't have PS Network, then I tell my computer to reset everthing with windows 7 :)
I think people need to adjust their firewall settings. and some anti viruses stop certain network traffic.
Hi i have optus wireless internet & running windows 7 and have tryed trying some of the things you guys have said but the ps3 keeps timing out when obtaining ip address?
if u have norton it does not allow u to share the network, i cancelled norton and got a free anti virus program called avg. im now playing online and loving it
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