Daytona USA (Arcade) HD for PS3

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Daytona USA May Be Coming To A Video Game Console Near You (Again)
What's this?! A new rating for a Daytona USA video game? What could it mean?! If we're venturing guesses, we'll go with Sega reviving the classic arcade racer for an Xbox Live Arcade and/or PlayStation Network re-release.

But that's just an educated guess, based on the fact that Sega has already released games like Sonic Adventure and Crazy Taxi through Microsoft and Sony's respective digital distribution stores. An HD console release of Daytona USA, which is what we're inferring from a recent Australian classification board listing spotted by XBLA Fans, would certainly be welcome.

It's as good a candidate for an XBLA/PSN release as any in Sega's back catalog. The classic arcade racer has received multiple ports, including one for Windows PCs and one for the Sega Dreamcast.

We're checking in with Sega to see if they'd like to clear this one up.

If true, then this game will be the one that brings my loyalty back to SEGA.

I just hope that Logitech wheels are supported (or at the very least SEGA end up making a limited edition arcade wheel for it) AND that it stays true to the arcade gameplay (16 console link support, lol + online play maybe?) without adding shitty things to it. In other words, apart from the fresh new HD graphics...Arcade Perfect!!!

winga26 said:

Beta said:

winga26 said: Do many people play online?

Nah LOL Played it at launch and there was no one online, went back a few weeks back and it was still empty.

I guess if I'd buy it I'll be playing with myself.

I can play with you. I won't be home tonight though. On Thursday night should hook something up. Create an event on 360.
Ohh we have a problem, I'd buy it on PS3 only. :P
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I'm tempted to buy this too.

Maybe we should all cave in and purchase it on PS3? :P
PS3 is the only way to go, imo.

winga26 said: Ohh we have a problem, I'd buy it on PS3 only.

I'll get it on PS3 if we can all get a match going.
I'll buy this on Ps3 for sure. I get so excited when I still see these in Timezone/ and similar related places.

Just so you all know, I'm pretty badass at Daytona.
Ok cool. So:

SONY (maybe?)

That's a pretty good minimum amount of people :)

Will probably download it tonight then, if this convinces anyone else haha
Count me out, sorry... :(

I'll be too busy playing COD4 online and PS Vita games online.
Can i join if not to late?.
I'll get it soon and update when I have's it :D
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this game always reminds me of my old camry that steering wheel would always shake and pull itself to one side or another... always felt like i was playing daytona driving that POS
I might get the ps3 version

zapking said: Can i join if not to late?.

chucky110 said: I might get the ps3 version

Yeah! Two more peeps! :D

*goes upstairs to download PS3 version*
Not just yet though. Plus i have been thottled this moth so could take a while
Downloading now.

I dont exchange for other people.....sharing.....their PSN goods or services.

Wink, wink ;)
Bugger. busy watching Hobo with a Shotgun and forgot to download it
Didn't get time to check this out this evening. I'll try and remember in the morning :D
I might get this later, As i'm sure it will work well with my "coff" coff" G27 :P
And if it aint Steering-Wheel compatiable then i aint play as thrs really no point.
Well the 360 one is so i highly doubt this one wouldnt be
:P I'll crack out my G26 then :D
Me and mikerulz8 might be up for this. =D
Thinking of downloading it today.
Im down for races anytime if anyones keen, someone add me when theyre organising a race or something, psn:cprize.

ive had races with 3-4 people and its mad fun lol
Can we use our headsets and talk trash to each other mid race? :P
Yes we can, but I'm out tonight cos Richie's copy of Driver FINALLY arrived (Ordered before Xmas) so obviously he is wetting his pants to play that. Not a worry though, he's got the attention of a small child, give a few days and he will be over it.
Yeah I gotta work :(

Anyone up for Sunday?
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