[GD] Heavy Rain - No Spoilers!

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As title states, has anyone put spoilers in the heavy rain thread?
I was reading it about an hour ago and there was talk of spoilers so now i have avoided it.
I would be pissed off big time if i read spoilers but i want to discuss the game in the lead up to release.
Yeah some smart **** will soon put spoilers in here but hey we cannot all be respectful, mature and happy within our own lives so we dont have to go around mindlessly annoying people.
And yes this thread does fail. So what bite me.

black070 said: Okay, so I just started the game, just taking control of the girl for the first time and I'm really finding it hard to motivate myself to carry on playing, is it just because the games only just started ? Does it get better as you go on ?

yessum :/
To motivate you ill tell you there is some R rated stuff ahead if you play your cards right [Shifty]
Well I saw a man's bare ass in the opening sequence, so if I've got more of that coming my way I'll pass :P
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Persevere mate. The game starts extremely slow, but then it takes a massive turn and becomes an unbelievable roller coaster ride of mayhem! Enjoy it :)

I just re-purchased this a few weeks ago so I can play through it again with Move! Only finished it once, and that was a year ago so I think it's time to go back and try and unlock a different ending.
Thanks Heller, guess I'll be seeing this one through to the end [monkey]
Consider yourself treated - it's unlike any other game I've experienced before!
an awesome game one of the best ever
Must admit, its getting pretty intense now, but I still don't feel too sucked into the drama :(
It's a fantastic game, my favourite on the PS3. It does start slow, but it'll pick up and you'll be hooked soon enough. *_*
Just completed it and I'm glad I did, I've never had this kind of experiance in gaming before. It's amazing how little I had to do yet how I involved I felt in the action and drama :P
U have to keep playing to see what happens next, just like a good movie or book
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At first I didn't care for the charector's at all, I found them to be really silly. After pushing through the first 2-3 hours of the game, things started heating up, when the credits started rolling and I saw bits of my game show, it felt like I'd gone through this long journey myself :P Really liked it, but would never play it again
i love the night club make her look like like a skank yeah baby havent checked out the move version wen i get move ill definitely getting that 1?
any1 played both versions what the differecne any extra story cause i finished that game like four or five times?great story
I just started playing this today... its quite emotional. Might continue it
Maaaaan this game is good. I was expecting it to be inhibited by its cinematic aspects, but the way it indulges in cut scenes etc is so much more appreciative than Uncharted etc. It just mixes nicely, and I think the different controls add to this because speaking time and gameplay time are more similar, and infused.

Yet to play through completely, thinking I want to go back and do it again already. Happy I picked this up, better late than never.
Play all 22 endings its pretty insane and makes you think how one slight decision changes a whole timeline in what little it has
Keen to play this once my GF gets back from her overseas trip. We both played through Alan Wake together and love the whole cinematic experience type of game. The 22 ending possibility sounds like a great incentive to play it as well.
As much as i loved this game, i just can't play it again, knowing who did what wrecks a second play through
need more games like this
22?! What the hell. I was thinking there was maybe half a dozen.... but holy crap. Wow.

Some pretty major plot-holes.... eg. the address was a name, after the first clue you could work out where he was.

Finished it last night, everything went to plan :P Loved the twist ending... made sense after the big reveal, very well done.

Only frustrating part was that the story was based on your performance/ability... good in hindsight, but when you're playing and you screw up it's frustrating.
I ended up renting this game from the store, but I'm having issues where you're in the police department office, and you have the glasses on and you choose your environment and so forth. But when I look at the documents, it says to shift your controller upwards but nothing happens, or it takes me back to the main menu..

Any tips? Much appreciated.
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