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Some or a fair few of us still play PlayStation 2 games (rightly so as they're still fun and still looks good imo), I thought I'd bring up a discussion thread dedicated to all 'PlayStation 2' related gaming software and hardware as well.

I'd like to start off with something new that's old and rare.

Just imported a copy of 'Rule of Rose' which was never released here due to it's failure to pass the OFLC back then. This is a French version, though it can be switched to English to understandably play the game (along with other languages)...the manual only came in French language. (I don't speak/read French unfortunately)

The question is, does anybody have a link to an English translation of the manual provided with similar pics from the French manual. I'd like to print it out.

Further more, I can't seem to game save on my PS3?
If you have this game, could you let me know of how to go about it without having to use my PS2 instead? Thanks.

PS2 just can't be stopped!

First Devil Kings 3 Announcement Trailer

Koku Gamer writes: "The announcement of Sengoku Basara 3 may lose some people, but the US title for the series is Devil Kings and the 3rd game is on its way. Capcom recently released this new trailer slating the game for 2010."

FFVIII Being Summoned to EU PS Store

Mike Kebby, SCEE PlayStation Store Team member let slip:

"FVIII should be coming soonish."

With the game now confirmed for Europe the likelihood of an American release is all the more probable, which should come as great news for Final Fantasy fans.

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